Microsoft Invites Reporters to See What's Next for Windows 10

Microsoft invites reporters to see what's next for Windows 10
Microsoft invites reporters to see what's next for Windows 10

Microsoft Invites Reporters to implies a conceptual discussion about Windows 10

Microsoft Invites Reporters to his event will be held in New York in late October, where the company is expected to launch a new surface at any one computer. As mentioned on Thursday, it displays an image of mouse under the surface of the keyboard and the titles that are already in a filing to the FCC.
Interestingly, however, the term “surface” -or even “hardware” -not appear anywhere on the call, which invites to reporters in New York occurred on October 26. By contrast, Microsoft has asked journalists to “know what’s next for Windows 10, “which means a kind of strategic initiatives for the modernization program of the company. “Imagine what you need to do,” he wrote back window.
Microsoft is playing it close to the vest with his call, even labeling it “#MicrosoftEvent” on Alhastej mandatory.
mice greater surface

Microsoft mouse is given approval by the FCC. Is the surface of the mouse?

Why it matters: The new surface will be quite significant. But the more important question is the simplest: What is the future of Microsoft devices? With the collapse of what appears to Mia consumer line of Microsoft, to the two families of devices meaningful Microsoft: Surface tablet hub, as well as the Xbox lineup. It is not expected to go away, although it was not really clear what “mobile” Microsoft “Cloud First, mobile first” motto means that over the next few years.
What we expect
Given that it is not expected “Redstone” Update of Microsoft’s next operating system until January or so, and update journalists on the state of the operating system Windows 10 desktop do not always expect. It seems reasonable, however, that Microsoft will offer a glimpse of the upcoming features, as well as plans for the Windows 10 operating system to move forward. It includes part of the role, Windows 10, calling it “the last Windows,” Microsoft’s commitment to a schedule that will be scheduled for release? How will justify the cost of a new license? It will support Windows 10 iterations ran out at the end? Microsoft just revamped the support structure for the project, and they can do the same for the consumer as well.
There are more pressing issues to be the fate of Windows Mobile. Microsoft seems to be busy updated, along with the Windows 10 Desktop. But the importance of the role to be played by phone at Microsoft? hardware makers will be the torch bearer third party responsible for Windows Mobile? Traditionally, Microsoft has highlighted contributions of its partners, and we wish it well. Each leads to a discussion of surface fairytale Phone: Is it real, and if so, when will the ship?
Pro surface 4
“Kaby Lake” upgrade to Pro surface 4 looks like they are not going to happen.
All of this will serve as a background to what we believe is the real purpose of this event: the expected level of all-in- one. It emerged as a mouse and keyboard surface colored in a filing to the FCC this week, leading to the conclusion that the AIO surface shortly thereafter. But what about the frequency upgrade to the lineup Kaby Lake surface? We heard that it will not happen in this event.(